National Qualifications Framework as the basis of human resources development Ibragimova G.D.

Quality management in education
From the experience of Educational Complex “Ilim”

The school of professional and continuing education 2012
University of Central Asia

Project “Strengthening of social partnership development in professional education and training in Kyrgyzstan” Global trends in quality education, Ibragimova Gaisha

Analysis of the School of Education of Kyrgyzstan (Ibragimov Gaysha)

Experience of implementing the quality management system in the KSMA named after I.K.Akhunbayev

Kyrgyz-Turkish “Manas” University
The future in our hands…

Development of camping as an important condition for the development of tourism in Kyrgyzstan. Atykanov Kamil

Professional Standard of the Kyrgyz Republic
Sectoral Qualifications Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic Economic Activity – Ecological Tourism

“The establishment of an upper limit level of tuition fees for higher education.”

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