"Union of educational institutions' Association

Non-profit, independent association of educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, created in 1999 in order to optimize and support their activities, protect social and legal interests. To date, the association consists of 35 organizations: public and private educational institutions of pre-school, school and higher education, and public organizations.

Trainings and seminars
June 2010-January 2011

4181 people (1007 teachers and 3174 children) received qualified psychological assistance in the framework of projects for the social and psychological rehabilitation and vocational teachers and children living in the cities of Osh and Jalalabad, the most affected by inter-ethnic conflict.

The initiator of the movement “Teacher – the country’s national heritage”

The main goal – to restore the country’s credibility and a positive image of teachers, provision of the Magisterium of the Kyrgyz Republic social security and care to make the teaching profession attractive to young people.

31 March 2011

The Association has made a court annulment paragraphs six and seven of paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of the Regulation “On the formation and application of prices for paid educational services in the Kyrgyz Republic”, approved by Government Decision №300 from 18.05.2009



Participation in the international project of the European Training Foundation “National Qualification Systems in Central Asia” with the support of the European Commission.


By order of the educational “Ilim” complex set of professional standards and qualifications frame in school education on the basis of competence.


Conducted presentations on international trends in human resource development.


For the Republic of Kazakhstan “Development of the concept of human resource development as the main resource of the socio-economic development and democratic state”; Create a professional standard and within the skill of the bartenders.


The EU project “Strengthening the development of social partnership in vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic”. In the course of this project have been developed Prof. standards and industry within the skill in the field of eco-tourism in Kyrgyzstan, correlated with the European Qualifications Framework.


The EU project “Support to public bodies in the Kyrgyz education”. In the course of this project have been developed by professional standards and industry frame of qualifications in the field of light industry (apparel) industry of Kyrgyzstan, correlated with the European Qualifications Framework.

Educational activity

Association held more than 350 seminars and training sessions for 4,500 people to improve the skills of heads of schools from all regions of the republic, in management and marketing in education, extrabudgetary funds, social and psychological rehabilitation, sale of educational services.


The Association annually holds more than 150 consultations for educational institutions on legal issues, financial planning, management of the educational process, quality management of educational institutions, psychological support, personnel policy and personnel evaluation.


SDA to protect the legitimate interests of its members and partners, has initiated more than 100 amendments to the regulations in the field of education, social welfare and protection and the economy. Most of the amendments were adopted. The Association has successfully held a number of measures to protect the rights and interests of social institutions (private family homes and rehabilitation centers, evening schools).

Project activities

The Association has successfully implemented more than 20 projects in the social and educational sectors, involving more than 340 schools, 8,000. Our projects have been funded by international organizations such as the European Union, ETF, USAID, UNDP, the Soros Foundation, UNESCO, the Swiss Cooperation Office in the Kyrgyz Republic Cooperation, the World Bank, The Peace Stone Foundation (Japan).



Batken region

School № 4 them. Pushkin (Kyzyl-Kiya)
SH № 1. Karbysheva (Kyzyl-Kiya)
Secondary school № 2. 59th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan (Kyzyl-Kiya)
School № 8 them. A. Novo (Kyzyl-Kiya)


International University “Ataturk-Ala-Too”; DRC “Umut-Hope”; DOW “Flipper & Co”; Institute of Intellectual Development; Kyrgyz – Russian Academy of Education; MOU “Sebat”, 16 high schools throughout the country; DS “Caramel”; OK “Torch”; Private school “Refal”; Educational center “The Gift”; Private educational complex “gifted child”; OK “Ilim”; WL “asterisk”; the author’s Private School; OK “Eureka”; OK “Kelechek”; SQA “Entrant”; Kyrgyz Economic University; Primary school teaching and educational complex “Ak-Bala”, OC “Teaching and Educational Complex Daan”; Private school “Taalim”; UCMJ “Ariel”

Issyk Kul region

NGO “Umut” (Balykchy)
Fund females “Tёrt Kul” (p. Tёrt-Kul)
NGO “Private orphanage Meerim Bulagy” (p. Akbulun)
School №1 (Karakol)
NGO “Bayazhan” (Karakol)

Chui region

School – Lyceum. Makarenko (Karabalta)
School № 6 (Karabalta)
SH number 1 (of Chui-Tokmok)
ASH number 1 (p. Alamedin)
Professional lyceum №102 (Karabalta)
NGO “Zalkar Bilim” (p. Sokuluk)

Osh region

OK “Ilim-Osh” (Osh)
Grammar school №3 them. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Osh)
Author’s School of Experimental. O.Saydylkanova (p. Kara Kulzha)
School № 69 them. Aitmatov (p. Zarbar)
School № 79 them. Cholpon (p. Nariman)


  • 2008-2009

    “Socially active school.” «Peace Stone Foundation» Japan

  • 2002

    “National Scholarship Test.” USAID. Partner ACTR
    “Management and marketing in education”. The World Bank

  • 2001

    “The laboratory of Humane Pedagogy”. The Government of the KR and MES KR; “Valeology. Prevention of STDs and HIV / AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic. ” UNDP. Partner – Ministry of Education and Science.

  • 2000

    “School of the 21st Century” International Education Program. USAID, the International Foundation “Counterpart Consortium”

  • 1999

    “Innovative educational technology.” The Asian Development Bank

  • 2011-2013

    “Strengthening Social Partnership Development in Vocational Education and Training in Kyrgyzstan”

  • 2012

    “When we are united – we are invincible” – the rehabilitation project of children affected in the areas of inter-ethnic conflict in southern Kyrgyzstan in 2010.

  • 2010-2011

    “Socio-psychological and professional rehabilitation of teachers from the conflict zones of the Kyrgyz Republic”.

  • 2010

    “Socio-psychological and vocational rehabilitation of children and teachers from the conflict zones of the Kyrgyz Republic, with deep psychological trauma.”

  • 2010

    “Summer safety grounds for the rehabilitation of children from areas of ethnic conflict in southern Kyrgyzstan.”

We must believe in ourselves what we teach our children.


Non-profit, independent association of educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, created in 1999 in order to optimize and support their activities, protect social and legal interests.


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